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Win a Free Copy of the Huntress Audiobook

I’m very happy to announce my first audiobook was released this month!

Huntress is an exciting blend of humour, crime, and romance and has over 40 five-star reviews on Amazon. To celebrate the release of the audiobook, I’m giving away free Audible codes to allow you to listen to Huntress for free.

Entering the contest is really simple, all you have to do is comment on this blog post and tell me what your favourite story theme is. It can be as simple as “fluffy romance” or as complicated as you like. Just comment with the theme you just love to read in books. There’s no right or wrong answer!

At the end of January, I will randomly pick a handful of winners! Good luck to everyone!

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  • Carol Hutchinson

    I love anything lesfic as I am currently discovering! My favourite genre has to be romance though 🙂 I just love the warm fuzzy feeling it gives when you read it

  • Sarah Kerry

    I am a HUGE romance fan. Friends to lovers, Girls next door and that kind of thing are my fav stories to read.

  • Anette

    I love lesfics that have fluffy romance , but also a bit of crime and complications before they get a happy ending. I hope this one will have it all 🙂

  • aj schippers

    May-December pining while simultaneously there’s some big ol’ plothole about to happen. And then some adventure. And some romance. But also, some tension, like .. “Oh shit, my boss is actually super hot and I’m but a mere bobcat, what the fuck do I do,” AND THEN, it turns out the boss is really into bobcats. But then the bobcat goes missing when the boss is about to declare her undying love and attention, and the bobcat’s all sad because she’s been kidnapped PLUS she thinks her pining isn’t worth it anyway and like 500 years later in some distopian future, some girl finds a journal of the ol’ boss where the boss is super pining after her assistant or something and the girl smiles cuz them pining ladies were like her great-great grandmothers.

    There. Does that work for you?


  • Devlyn

    I love any lesfic with HEA, preferably with a romance but any sub genre will do me. I just finished Mergers and Acquisitions and really enjoyed it.

  • Ren

    I’m a simple girl. Any thing with a beginning, middle and end . Dramedy with mystery. Angst/drama with some romance. I won’t read anything where someone is degraded in anyway (no situation warrants that behavior, none) and a teen with an adult (that’s just… no). That said, once I’ve found an author, I’m a fan till the end. Hi, my name is Ren and I’m a fan. Cheers

  • Nikki

    Favorite story theme?!? That’s a tricky one. But I’d have to go with Former-Friends-to-lovers-with-a-fake-relationship-and-a-hidden-baby-slow-burn-angst-ridden-fluff-trope

  • alec fowler

    Sports Romance is probably my favorite story theme but its a well written romance i’ll give it a try if i can get it at the library

  • Mai

    I love any as long as I like the way it’s told! I can enjoy romance, crime, autobiographies, suspense, DRAMA, etc equally. BUT fluffy romance with a bit of comedy gets me every time.

  • Valden Bush

    My favourites are sci-fi and dystopian stories and I love women in uniform! But in between, I read anything lesfic 😘

  • Ellie Moore

    I like fantasy, the sort that doesn’t focus too much on any magic there is, but has plenty of character driven story elements that incorporate everything the reader needs to know. Good blend of fluff and angst isn’t quite a genre but hooks me in every time, and I’m quite partial to swashbuckling fiction,pirates and swords, big adventures and big characters.

  • Cheryl Downes

    Dystopian science fiction with kickass women, deep characters, not too much angst, bits of humour, a little bit dark, past, present, future 🙂

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