Second Chances

Protective parent bonds with an attractive older teacher

Bad childhood memories start to resurface when Hannah Hall’s daughter Rosie begins school. To make matters more complicated, Hannah has been steadfastly ignoring the obvious truth that Rosie is intellectually gifted and wise beyond her years.

In the crumbling old school she meets Rosie’s new teacher Alice Spencer who has moved from the city to teach in the small coastal town of Fairlight.

Alice immediately sees Rosie’s potential and embarks on developing an educational curriculum to suit Rosie’s needs, to Hannah’s dismay.

Teacher and mother clash over what’s best for young Rosie. Will they be able to compromise? Will Hannah finally open up to someone about her own damaged upbringing? And will they be able to ignore the sparks that fly whenever they are in the same room?

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Preparations for the first day of school were as hectic as Hannah expected them to be. At twenty-five years old, she had hoped that she would be a little better organised, not flitting around the cramped apartment like she was attached to a bungee rope.

It would have been a little more acceptable if it had been her first day of school.

“Are you nearly ready, Mummy?” Rosie asked patiently.

Hannah stopped in the middle of the apartment, her hands full of dirty laundry and the paperwork she’d just discovered under the plant on the dining table. She looked at Rosie and smiled.

Her daughter was dressed in her uniform, previously seen only once before in the shop it was bought in. Although, if Rosie had her way, she’d have worn it every day throughout July and August, such was her excitement about finally starting school.

Her hair was neatly brushed, the school-approved headband in forest green and black firmly in place on top of her head. The green cardigan was a size too big, her fingers just visible through the ends of the sleeves. The dark grey skirt only fitted after a couple of rolls of the elasticated waistband. 
The oversized uniform was not down to Hannah purchasing a larger size for Rosie to grow into, although she completely understood the parents who did this. Uniforms were expensive, and children grew quickly, especially when they were five years old.

The excess material was simply because Rosie was small for her age, having not yet had a growth spurt. Hannah had purchased the smallest size available, but the clothes still swamped Rosie.

Not that she said anything. Rosie was so proud to be in a uniform, and Hannah didn’t want to dampen her spirits by admitting that she looked like five pounds of potatoes in a ten-pound sack. 

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