Mergers and Acquisitions

F/F workplace romance with two determined ice queens

A crush on your boss is bad. A crush on her mortal enemy is worse.

Sophie Young is on cloud nine now that she works for her idol Kate Kennedy — owner of the best advertising agency in Europe.

When a top client requests that Kate works on a lucrative project with the notoriously fastidious Georgina Masters, Sophie knows that things are about to get tough. What she doesn’t anticipate is Georgina setting her romantic sights on her.

Stuck between two fiery women and desperately trying to keep the peace, Sophie has to attempt to balance the fragile merger, keep her job, and appease both women.

Mergers & Acquisitions is a fun lesbian romance that’s impossible to put down. Find out who Sophie chooses today.


“A sports car?” Kate repeated. She furrowed her brow at the idea.

“Yes, silver and red and really, really fast,” Yannis said.

He stood up and paced excitedly around the meeting room. Yannis was tall, over six feet. His lanky frame seemed at odds with his constant need to bound around.

Kate suppressed a chuckle as she watched him pace. She appreciated his enthusiasm, no one wanted to work with a miserable client. But Yannis was almost too enthusiastic. He switched from one major project to another without stopping to catch his breath.

“Why a sports car?” Kate queried.

“We build engines, sports cars need engines. This is fantastic,” he announced.

Kate suspected that Yannis felt his high-intensity enthusiasm would wear off on those around him. Bouncing around meeting rooms with excitement and informing people that things were fantastic were his way of injecting passion into a project.

"Another riveting story by A.E. Radley"

"Ice Queens and May-December Romance! Swoon!"

- Amazon Reviewer

"You won't be disappointed!"

- Amazon Reviewer

"Could not put this down!"

- Amazon Reviewer

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