Lost at Sea

An identity thief, a captain, a luxury cruise

Annie Peck finds herself in a terrible situation and is literally running for her life. A chance encounter with a surprising lookalike leads her towards a risky solution.

Captain Caroline West knows she is lucky to be one of the few women cruise ship captains in the world. Sadly, not having a standard nine to five job means relationships are nearly impossible and she’s all but given up on finding anyone.

Join these two women for an all-expenses paid cruise of the Mediterranean and find out what happens when an identity thief with a heart of gold meets the rule-abiding woman who could throw her in jail.


Annie Peck hurried as much as possible without looking as if she was running for her life

Which she was.

Her eyes darted around the wide and empty backstreets of Barcelona, searching for anyone who looked out of place. In particular, she was looking for anyone who might have followed her.

She knew she had to do her best to look casual and relaxed, to appear like a tourist strolling about the city, even if her heart was threatening to beat out of her chest and her breath came in short, sharp pants.

Getting out of the city was her number-one priority, even if she currently had no idea how she would manage that seemingly impossible feat. She imagined that Diego’s people were spread across Barcelona looking for her.

The grotty hotel she’d been staying in had accepting cash and asked no questions, but remaining there for much longer would just make her escape all the more difficult.

People talked, and she knew word of an English woman who never left the hotel would soon filter through to the ears of someone in the Ortega clan. And soon after that, she’d be dead.

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