As of March 2018; it is illegal to be gay in 76 countries.

As a F/F author, I’m very aware that some of my readers live in countries where being free in who they love can lead to a prison sentence or even the death penalty. I’m also aware of the power of a book, especially books that show healthy, loving LGBT relationships.

I’m lucky to live in the UK where I can be openly gay, live in a same-sex marriage, adopt children, and celebrate in many of our country’s pride events.

Many people are not as lucky as I am.

I am starting a project where I will be providing residents of those 76 countries free electronic copies of my books.

To claim copies, simply fill in the form below.

For every book claimed, I will make a donation to Stonewall. If you have some money to spare to donate to Stonewall then go to their website and click the donate button. Together, we can make a positive change and reduce that number from 76 to zero.

My wife is also taking part in this project and you can claim free copies of her books here.

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