Lesbian and Bi women Fiction Questionnaire Results 2018 |

Lesbian and Bi women Fiction Questionnaire Results 2018

Thank you to everyone who completed this year’s survey. We had around 600 respondents which is fantastic and an improvement on last year. It’s my hope that publishers and authors will read and digest the information gathered and, where possible, make changes that can help improve the market.

When looking at this data, I urge people to keep in mind that this is still a relatively small dataset and was predominantly gathered through social media outlets. This will, of course, skew some of the data and it cannot be taken as an overall market snapshot. That said, there is still a lot of interesting data and trends to be reviewed.

Obviously, there is a lot more information that can be pulled from the raw data, especially for those of you who wish to break down the results into specific data sets. The raw data is available to anyone who wants it, please contact me to request a copy.

Last year’s results can be found here, and a blog post about my own interpretation of the data can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who filled in the survey and shared the posts!

A.E. Radley

About You


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Book Retailers

Which retailer website do you MAINLY use for book purchases?

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Kindle Unlimited

Are you a member of Kindle Unlimited?

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Do you think that lesbian and bi women fiction books are generally... 1 - cheap 6 - expensive

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What price do you think a standard-length lesbian and bi women fiction eBook SHOULD be? (in United States Dollars)

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What price do you think a standard-length lesbian and bi women fiction Paperback SHOULD be? (in United States Dollars)

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Does the price you are willing to pay change depending on if the author is unknown to you?

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Do you visit websites when a sales promotion is running?

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Do you wait for a sale in order to by a specific book that you are interested in?

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Do sales encourage you to try a book that you weren't sure about at full price?

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How do you hear about sales taking place?

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How many lesbian and bi women books do you purchase in an average month?

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Would you agree with the following statements?

I buy all new lesbian and bi women fiction book releases

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I buy all new releases from my favourite authors

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I buy all new releases from my favourite publishing house

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I only buy books that interest me

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Have you ever returned a book you have purchased?

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If you have returned a book, why did you do so?

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Forgot I had already purchased it and/or author offered book free in newsletter after I purchased it

substandard writing

Could not get into it within a reasonable space of time.

Have never returned a book

Already bought it

Poor layout and editing

Did not like it, or to short a story and didn’t realise until I purchased the book.

To make room on my kindle for books I want to read.

Received two

Audible: didn’t care for the narrator; Kindle: poor editing distracted my reading enjoyment.

It was damaged

I’ve only returned one, and it was extremely poorly written (spelling and grammar mistakes; plot a 6th grader could have come up with).

Once or twice when I purchased by mistake

Was a mistake, usually just do kindle unlimited

Didn’t like it.

Didn’t like it at all

Never because of its content but because of stuff like wrong printing or transport damage

It was damaged

Forgot I preordered; didn’t like the excerpt I read.

Poor craft, or objectionable content (usually a character I come to hate)

It was a duplicate.

Didn’t like it.

had multiple copies

Decided it wasn’t for me

It was infuriating and I was left dissatisfied with the ending, the poly end seemed like a cop out and not like a proper relationship

Was not interesting to me.

The book came recommended but was so badly written & formatted, it was unreadable. First and last time I’ve read that author.

The language didn’t match the target audience (Adult fiction but written for children), lack of structure/proper pace, or overall terribly written.

too tacky

Accidental purchase

badly written or poor content

discovered it wasn’t what I thought it was within 1st few pages. I try to be sure but sometimes the synopsis isn’t clear

It wasn’t what I was expecting

Purchase was accidental

I was 10 pages in and I still didn’t care about the characters or what was happening in the story.

Poor quality audio or terrible narrator

Poorly written or edited

Not edited and not following what was in the blurb

It was unreadable. Mistakes that a simple read through should catch.

Because it’s not to my liking?

It referred to photos they didn’t bother to put in the ebook

Audible books with terrible narrators and/or I didn’t like the book at all and could not finish

Printing was bad and couldn’t read it.

I could not convert it to read on my eReader

It was horrible. Editing was poor and it was clearly written by a straight person with no experience

I found it really bad

The rape scene, graphic violence against women or children, etc.

Was Not so good

The writing and development of the story was poor compared to the price that I paid for the book

Writing quality. Editing.

Accidentally bought a “One Click Book" didn’t read it, returned ASAP

Problems downloading

It wasn’t what I was lead to believe it was

It was defective

I didn’t like it (did not finish)

Because I thought it really awful

Amazon, twice clicked purchase button by mistake and immediately asked for refund
i did not realized that i had already read it.
terrible editing and unreadable layout

It was a book that was rereleased that I already owned

Poorly edited!

Outrageous grammatical/spelling mistakes, insufferable narrator (audiobooks) etc.

Amazon changed its links and several times it has allowed me to purchase a book that I have already bought. I have had a refund for the second copy.

1) It was a mistake and 2) the editing was poor.

I discovered I already owned it

Quality of writing and/or not interested in plot

Misleading description of content or disappointing quality of writing.

Poor language. Blurb and story inconsistent.

Poor grammar. Blurb over dramatic

I don’t return books often, but if I happen to pick up something and the first 15% is egregiously bad (extremely poorly edited, offensive, generally a slog/not enjoyable), I might send it back.

Although I felt like returning the books, I didn’t. In one instance, the “new" book was a reprint of an earlier version. It had a new cover but the publisher didn’t mention that it was a reprint. I will never make another purchase from that publisher. Also, I don’t buy from publishers who mislead readers into believing that their authors are female.

I didn’t like the book.

Usually if it was badly written/edited (grammar, spelling, punctuation etc) or the story line was crap

I’ve returned audiobooks. Usually because of subpar narrators

Published with DRM and I could not convert it for my reader

I don’t return books frequently, but if I end up with a book that is poorly edited or offensive then I usually get a refund.

Poor publishing. It was like reading alphabet soup.

I found it extremely boring and felt I’d wasted my money on it

It was poorly edited and/or the writing was terrible.

Buying decisions

When thinking about purchasing a lesbian and bi women fiction book, what relevance are the following elements:

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Book Covers

How important is the book cover to you? 1 - not at all important 6 - very important

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What do you think about the overall quality of book covers in the lesbian and bi women fiction market?

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How important is the blurb to you? 1 - not at all important 6 - very important

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What do you think about the overall quality of blurbs in the lesbian and bi women fiction market?

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How important is the quality of editing to you? 1 - not very important 6 - very important

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What do you think about the overall quality of editing in the lesbian fiction market?

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Finding Books and Marketing

How do you find out about new releases?

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Do you preorder books?

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If you do preorder books, why?

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Reminder that I wanted it.

want to read it as soon as it comes out

if the author is Stephen King.

Keen to get it as soon as released

I preorder so that I can receive the book as soon as available and it’s a little surprise present to myself because I usually forget I preordered it.

Because I’m really interested or I have a great deal

If there’s a discount.

So I’ll have it the minute it’s out and not forget to get it

Favorite authors so I don’t miss their release

I preorder books as not to forget about them and they are a nice surprise when they pop up.

I pre-order Books that are in a series, or by my favorite author.

So they appear in my Kindle on the day they become available.

Favoured author or pre-publication


I really want to read a favorite author ASAP

Because I really want to read them and don’t want to forget to buy them when they come out.

So I don’t miss it.

if I am waiting on a continuation of a series I really love I’ll pre order

If its by an author I like, or a book I’m very interested in reading

To get the book as soon as it comes out.

Next book in a series.

A book by a favourite author I know I want to read/to support a favourite author

To read books I think I will enjoy/ to support authors I enjoy reading

I’m anxious to read them!

Some authors/publishers offer a discounted price for preorders.

So I get them right away

Next part of a known series, new release for a known and liked author.

new installment in a favorite series

Because I know the author, and have truly enjoyed previous works. And especially if the pre-ordered book is in a series.

If I know I’m going to want the book, it gets the transaction out of the way

Author is a favorite

I pre-order in case I forget about a new release date. I like the surprise of finding it suddenly in my library.

Only from favourite authors because I like to be suportive. However, I have pre-ordered a book once or twice on recommendation alone.

To get them on day of release

So I don’t forget to get the book?

All preorders are next in a series.

Author talks about it

Because it is a book I really want and have been looking forward to

So I remember to buy it

I like the author or it is a book in a series that I am anticipating.

Book of a series. Or an author I am very fonds of.
sounds interesting, usually in a series I’m already reading

My favorite authors

So I don’t forget to buy them.

If I really like the author or it’s a series I’m reading I will pre-order the next book. So I don’t have to keep checking for them. Just easier that way.

Only when I’m really looking forward to a specific book, usually part of a series.

To make sure I have it the minute it’s released
I want it to load to my erearder and be available ASAP – especially favorite authors

I really love the author and am deeply intrigued by the book blurb

I want to take a certain place for the book in my budget.

I don’t want to forget them

So I get it as soon as it comes out, in NZ the means we get it 1st

Just for favorite authors

My favorite author.

To remind myself or I’ll forget

Only if a want the paper back issue

So I get them right away

I sweep my favourite authors on Amazon/Audible to see what’s new but go through so many that I tend to forget. .. pre-ordering saves me the trouble of remembering a release date and going back to search out the title and usually leads to a nice surprise on my kindle/audible device

A new book from a favourite author

I know and respect the quality of the author’s writing.

So I don’t forget about them

It is usually a favorite author and I want it ASAP.

Like the author or discount price or looks like a good story.

Convenience and budgeting

Usually if they’re written by people I know

I want to support the authors or publisher

To ensure I get it as soon as it’s released

If it’s on sale

So I can buy them while I have the money

Favourite authors or great blurbs

To get them as fast as possible.

want latest release from favorite known author

Favorite author

Always because I enjoy the work of the author.

Favorite author…I have no need to wait and see if I want to purchase it

So I receive it as soon as it is released

If I love the author and have been waiting for the book, I’ll pay in advance just to have it surprise me and show up on my Kindle when it’s released…and so I don’t forget to grab it.

Because I want to read and review my favourite authors asap

I trust the author/publisher and I want to support their work

So I remember

Usually it’s one in a series I’ve been waiting for.

Only my favorite authors, I want them as soon as possible.

Because I read the blurb and it’s an author I like

Blurb strongly interesting

I pre-order them from authors I like, especially new books in a series.

It’s one I really want

To support authors I like

As not to forget the publishing date

To receive them right away

I am just that excited to read it and sometime they are on special

Usually to not forget to buy it when its finally released.

Hope to get earliest access. Can not wait sometimes.

Show author support.

favourite authors

So I don’t forget they are out

I like the author and the title interests me

To get them as soon as released.

In order to help the author gain sales and “points" with Amazon

Fan of the author.

So I know I will get them as soon as they are released.

Interest in the book and special pre-order pricing.

In order to ensure I get a copy if the book seems as though its stock may run out quickly upon publication; or if I have been looking forward to a debut novel or books that is part of a series

I pre-order if I am familiar with the author’s work and already buy anything he/she writes.

Because I’m anxious to get it

To remember to get it on release

Because I receive authors newsletter with news about new books and their blurbs, then I usually fall in love immediately with the story and I pre-order as soon as possible.

Favorite authors

Fave author and/or interest in plot

Sounds interesting, or is a sequel/addition to a series

1 Favorite author, 2 a sequel to a book I’ve read, 3 a good review

Because I’m very forgetful and I will see a book I’m eager to purchase and totally forget about it so it’s best to just pre-order it so when it comes out I’m good. I only pre-order books I’m absolutely sure I’m gonna love though which is determined by the author

Usually to read the next book in a series

Know it is something I’m going to read and keep

So I get the book on release

To support author

Usually accidentally. Favorite author when ordering other titles by them.

There are authors that I read all of their books so thats why I pre-order

It is one I really want usually by an author I really like.

receive the book as soon as it is released
Too not forget to get them.

So I can get the book I’m interested in as soon as possible, and so I don’t forget that it’s coming out.

I know I’ll buy it sometime…why not now??

Already like the author’s style, a discount

Known author

Next in series


usually they are at a special price or i just don’t want to miss out on a certain author

Author loyalty

I only pre-order from my favorite authors

When the author is a favorite mine or the book is a continuation that I already read and liked.

As not to forget

I’m interested in a series

I read the author, or have heard them interviewed.

When they’re from my fav author

So I don’t miss or forget the day that they are released

A series or a favorite author

Favorite authors, pre-release sales price

Blurb, Author

Sometimes discounted pre-orders

So I can get it the day it’s released on the publisher’s site. Pre-orders apply to my fav authors’ books.

Authors that I particularly want to support and books that I know will NOT be on Kindle Unlimited, I will pre-order so I won’t need to remember to go get it when it is released.

To support the author

I don’t want to forget to buy them.

Just so I can read them first thing

When it is an author or series I am already invested in

For a lower price or I don’t want to forget about the book, so I’ll preorder so it shows up on my kindle on release


I have favorite authors and I preorder to make sure they are downloaded as soon as they are out. I don’t have to keep looking for release dates.

So I’ll be one of first readers to read a new release.


Enjoy the author and the series

Only if favorite author

Part of a series I’m reading

I do this especially when it’s a new book in a series or a favorite author.

If it’s the next in a series that I really love and don’t want to wait for

Don’t want to miss it and want to give the author a bump

Author campaigns like kickstarter or patreon

so i dont miss one i’m interested in or because of pre order offers

Really like author or next in series

Specific authors that I enjoy

Want to read quickly – fave authors

If it’s a book I’m really excited/intrigued to read I will pre-order so that I won’t forget to buy it once it is live

If it’s a series and I loved the previous books I will want the next in the series!

Anxious to read the book

Don’t know I like to know I’m gonna have it if they get sold out

Because of the author

Favourite author or a book I’ve been waiting for.

because i can’t wait to read them

If it is part of series or special price deal

If it’s by an author I like and I like the synopsis

I want to make sure I will get the book I’m excited about and don’t forget about it on release day

I want to read them as the blurb attracted me to the book.

Make sure I remember to get it and show support

To complete a series

If the synopsis is interesting then I will pre-order it

In a series I like, for a preorder sale price

Like the author, publisher or blurb

to make bsure i get it as earley as i can

Because the author is that good & I trust her to deliver a great story

Can’t wait for the next one!!

Interested and excited about an author’s new work, especially if it’s a series

Continuation in a series

If the blurb sounds amazing and the cover rocks I’ll pre-order ebook

Usually only to help an indy author.

To make sure I don’t forget about a new release

So that it’s a nice surprise when they arrive

Usually a follow on book or an author I like

if it’s my favorite author

I want to get it as soon as possible

Next book out from favorite and trusted authors is the main reason, and they need all support we can give them

If it’s a book I really want to buy so I don’t forget to order it when it comes out.

Interesting blurbs

So I get a surprise in my library or mailbox when they are released; so I don’t forget about an expected release.

I don’t want to forget!

Favourite authors

I do for a favorite author of a series that I’m reading

Might forget later. It has to be something I CANNOT MISS. Which is rare for me.

If I’m really into it

I haven’t for a long time, but I did it of excitement and so I wouldn’t forget.

Only when I’m excited about a new release from a favorite author

Because I’m familiar with and really enjoyed the author’s other works, and/or just really want to continue reading the series.

Have more audible credits than I can find books I want to read right away; see a book by a favorite author available for pre-order

Want to be one of the first to read

I’ll pre-order new books in a series.

Favorite author or blurb about book

Some publishers have a lower price on preorders

so I’m more likely to try a new author.

Because I might forget it later….

So I don’t miss it and sometimes it’s cheaper

In case I miss it’s release as soon as it becomes available.

To support a favorite author

following a series, like the author, ease of purchase, special prices.

If it’s a book in a series by a fave author

If it is one of my few favs, I will pay full price & I love the surprise of a book just showing up on my kindle after I’ve forgotten about it.

Favorite author. Books in a series.

Usually it’s a series

Because I can’t wait!

If it’s an author I really like or a book that I can’t wait to read

So I can read it immediately when it is released.

Either so I don’t forget to purchase, or because that’s when I have the money, or even as a favor to an author I wish to show my support for.
cuz I might forget to order later

It’s an anticipated release

I don’t have to worry about forgetting the book release, or that I’ll prioritise other books at the time the book comes out

so i don’t forget the book by the time it releases.

wish more would let me pre-order

Cause I’ve read works by the author before and I’m ready to have their next book in my tiny gay hands.

If a book really catches my eye, I want to give the author extra support

Some offer a cheaper price to pre-order.

Really like the author or very interested in the books summary

Help an author with sales and if I know I will buy a book anyways it makes it easy

So i can read it as soon as its available

Because non-mainstream foreign language (and English is a foreign language here) books often have ridiculous shipping times and preordering means I’ll get them faster

On sale from author I like; next in series I really like.

An author I love

Usually because I’ve read the author before and enjoyed their previous work

I love the author and really want to support her

If it is a book I am really looking forward to I sometimes pre-order so that I get the book faster.

if I know the author is exceptional, I like to support them

Anticipation for specific books

Specific author, often ongoing series.

If it’s A sequel or an author that I really like, I will preorder to ensure that l have the money when it first come out.

To support certain authors I think highly of.

If it is an author that I really like. I also like the ‘price guarantee’ in Amazon.

If it’s something I have been waiting for and want ASAP, such as a sequel.

To get the latest release from my favourite authors.

really want a book

In case it falls off my radar

Expectations of the author

Sounds amazing, has chars/tropes/settings I’m more drawn to

Part of a series I’m reading.

If it is by a favorite author.

So I can get books that I may not be able to find my local bookstore chains.

I really want to read the latest from this author

So I don’t miss them

Because I really don’t want to miss the book.

Favorite authors

Always want on release date and know sometimes I’m busy and may not be able to get that day.

Only books by specific authors that I don’t want to forget to order later.


Blurb raises my interest

Favorite author

They are usually discounted. (I almost always pre-order books by favorite authors, though, regardless.)

Favorite author or series.

It’s a book I am excited about

Mostly I pre-order new books of a series as I am curious

Want to have them asap, also that way I don’t forget

It shows support for the author

Known author, part of a series, or receiving a physical copy versus ebook

Fave authors

New book by a favorite author.

Normally because it is the next in a series

Want to read quickly after release, good price

A series or blurb sounds good so pre order

If there is a series and next instalment due, often

I am so excited to see the new book by a favourite author

Because I really want them and don’t want to forget that they are released.

continuation of a story line

Excited to read after reading the blurb

If I dont have a lot of money i want to be sure i get it before i wont be able to

I can’t wait for the release and I want it as soon as its available without searching

Next in a series, or by a favorite author

Fav author, or next book in series

I’m a fan of the author and I’m waiting for the next book in a series.

Author newsletter – don’t want to forget and miss it so I preorder so it just shows up on my kindle

I preorder a book from a series

Want to make sure I don’t miss the release

So that I don’t miss the release day

Good Price

If i like a series i will preorder

I liked the author and/or the blurb

they show up later on my kindle like a gift

Usually it’s because it’s from an author I know writing a series or it sounds interesting.

Series I have been reading

If it’s an absolute 100% that I want to read it then it will automatically be available on the day it’s out.

Price match guarantee on amazon

To remind me to get it! I have so many on my wish list 😉

Series continuation

So I can get them on the day of release

Can’t wait! Not to miss them

Ensures a first edition copy.


Author and price

Because I know I want it and don’t want to keep track of when it comes out

Anxious to read it. Sometimes less expensive

Favorite author.

I read about 300 lesfic books a year. Pre-orders help me remember to buy.

If I like the characters, I can’t wait to see what happens and want it as soon as it comes out.

Sometimes they give you a discount too.

only from my favorite authors – so I can read them quicker!

If info (blurb, Social Media tidbits, etc) interest me

If it looks interesting I will preorder.

Because of a trilogy

Because I particularly want the book, would forget otherwise

Only the ones I’ve been waiting for

To ensure I have it on the day of release.

Because the blurb and the book cover really catch my interest.

Excitement! For it to appear in my kindle library once its available.

As a reminder for me if I really want to read it

To support an author

IF it is a series I’m waiting on, an author that has never disappointed me, or the blurb was really really good.

I LOVE the author and/or it is a sequel. But it is rare that I do

So I don’t forget them when they’re released.
obviously it was brought to my interest and I couldn’t wait to read it.

Usually I pre-order if a book is part of a series.

I often buy several books from the same publisher that offers ten percent off of orders over a given dollar amount.

I like to own the book as soon as it is available

Because they are by my favourite authors.

If they are part of a series that I have enjoyed so far.

I’m Interested in a specific author.

Because then l don’t forget when the book comes out.

If it’s an author I love I want to own every new book and sometimes the pre order will be less expensive than after its release. Plus it will just show up in my kindle on release day instead of remembering every release date.

Because I want to support the author on the release date and I don’t want to forget!

Regarding the marketing you see for books, do you think that...

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Additional comments...

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Some books are over advertised on social media, others not enough

Some authors include too many links on social media, screaming buy my book!

For me, it’s not as much about the *quantity* of advertising as it is the *quality* of advertising.I tend to prefer advertisements that focus on blurbs and excerpts over advertisements that include only positive quotes from reviewers and sale information.

Depends. Some publishers really advertise their authors and others don’t advertise them enough. It’s as if some authors get pushed and others don’t get enough press.

Some are advertised very well and others are beaten into our heads esp. on social media.

I think there needs to be a higher representation in mainsteam advertising, and much less social media spam. The latter just puts me off.

Lesbian books are definitely not advertised enough in mainstream venues

The problem with advertising is that it is truly expensive. So, although I would like to see more advertising of Lesbian or Bi authors and their books, I understand the problem as well.

Books are marketed inconsistently and not always to the right readerships

books seem to be marketed to only lesfic community which is small

I see ads for books constantly, but outside lesfic groups I’ve never seen an ad for a lesfic book.

Major authors/publishers not enough. Some authors on lesfic FB groups post their book way way to often making me not want to purchase.

It really depends. I see some authors who do nothing but promote their work on social media, and others who balance promotion with group interaction. I much prefer the latter approach.

Some indie authors are all over social media, until I am sick of them and their books….

Not always marketed in the right places, at least not in places I see.

Other kinds of promotions work better for me, especially podcasts and readings. And affordability.

I honestly don’t know! As an avid reader I am always receiving information regarding new books – so it just seems about right to me. I am starting to interact with my favourite authors though which is a great source of information.

I don’t notice books that are outside of why I usually read. NOT including Lesbian books most are advertised well. Lesbian books are poorly advertised.

I think some books are over-advertised and some not advertised enough. I love Kindle and Audible, but I think they, and Amazon, have contributed made some writers more popular than they should be and have rendered other, better, authors less well-known than they should be.

lesfic is not advertised much, and has a smaller presence in other media

depends. I can’t stand when the only thing authors are talking about on their social media is ‘buy my book! buy my book!’

Popular books are advertised enough. Books about underrepresented groups are not advertised enough.

It’s really difficult to market right now and a bit of a crap shoot

publishers do a poor job – authors best them on social media.

Books are advertised just the right amount

some books are advertised too much, making other just as important books less known

F/f is definitely not as advertised as m/f and m/m.

Some lesfic publihers are better than others. BSB and YLVA the best

Too much is left up to the authors, who can overdo social media because it’s free. The publishers should do much more to promote their authors.

i know amazon loves sending me ads constantly. and alot of them are books


Do you connect with any authors on social media?

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Does interacting with authors on social media affect your buying decisions?

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Do you sign up to author newsletters?

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Post purchase

Do you review the books you have read?

[visualizer id="650"]

Where do you review?

[visualizer id="651"]

Do reviews factor into your decision to buy a book?

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If you don't review, why not?

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Too lazy

Lazy, and don’t know what to say. Also don’t like writing bad reviews.

No reason. I give it star rating though.

I give star rating

Not that I’m… proud of it, but I generally only review books I really loved or really hated. I’d also like to bring this up, while I have a perfectly good response field in front of me: because the lesfic community is so insular, I take most reviews of lesfic books with a grain of salt unless they’re coming from a dedicated review site with an honest review policy (as in, sites that don’t post only positive reviews).

Not enough time

Have not been able to write an intelligent one

I’m too busy reading the next book!

I’m an author so it feels biased.

I always leave star reviews, not written

Wouldn’t know where to start

I often read books while away from my home, and by the time I get back to my computer I’m not confident I can give the book the review it deserves.

Don’t know what to say most of the time. I don’t want to recap the entire book like other reviewers. That’s what the book blurb is for.

I didn’t have time or didn’t feel strongly enough about the book to want to review it

Most often time constraints. If it’s an exceptional book, I will write up a brief review and will more often tell the author how much i enjoyed it on their social accounts or in lesfic groups.

I read an average of 2 books a day. … that’s a lot of reviews. ..

I don’t know what to write to help others with what to know about the book.

I usually don’t review the book when I don’t like it.

Lack of time

Don’t know what to say

If there are plenty of reviews that I agree with, I don’t usually review, if there are few then I do.

I’m not a very good writer and I often don’t know what to say. I would happily give each book a star rating, and that’s all, but coming up with the words to write a formal review are difficult for me.

I find it hard to formulate my opinion

I only do reviews via stars not writing reviews

If a book really didn’t impact me negatively or positively, I usually won’t review it. Sometimes, a book is so good that I don’t think I can do it justice with a review, but then I’ll at least give it 5 stars.

I am never happy with the results. I know, I am a bad person.

Mostly laziness, and not wanting it to be tracked back to me.

I rate books, but I’m too lazy to review them.

My opinion matters little; no network of ‘like minds’

I’m an author as well as a reader. I’m friends with a lot of the authors. My reviews sometimes get deleted. Other times, if you don’t have anything nice to say… You know how the saying goes. Every book is not for everyone. I’m not going to tear the hard work of another author down just because I didn’t care for it. If it’s something to do with layout or editing, I will tell the author privately.

I only review books I really like. Never post a negative review.

Conflict of interest: I don’t review books I’ve edited

Lack of time

Not sure how to do it

English is not my mother tongue. I can read it but I don’t feel confident with my writing skills.

Don’t really think to do it.

Because I’m lazy.

I can’t write an intelligent one.


I like what I like, not necessarily what someone else likes. I like to form my own opinion and don’t mind purchasing the book to see if I like it. After all, we Must support our own community.

It takes to long and if I could just do stars on them I would do more.

Boring book, sloppy writing, poor plotting, etc, etc.

If I don’t like a book then I would rather not review it negatively. I may not like it but someone else might like it. I don’t like leaving reviews with any less than 4 stars.

I have talked with a number of people who are just afraid to review books.

Not good with words

I’m not good at expressing my thoughts/feelings. I always leave a rating, though.

I’m afraid I’ll say something dumb.

If the book is not to my taste I won’t review.


Occasionally I have trouble figuring out what I want to say about a book and I don’t want to leave an empty, halfhearted review, especially if I liked the book but can’t articulate why. In those cases, I’d rather rate the book and let the star rating stand without putting out something that sounds false or contrived. (I probably overthink… it’s a thing I do…)

I find it very difficult to find the correct words

Too much effort to go to website where I can post review

I read too many books to review them all and I find it difficult to explain why I did or didn’t like a book

I sometimes like the material but have opinions about editing that I don’t want to discourage others from purchasing due to my over zealous need for correct spelling and puctuation

I’m not any good at reviewing books so I refrain from doing so.

I find that reviews can be helpful in determining the priority of books that I buy. For instance, if there’s a book that I’m not sure if I want to read yet and it’s shorter in length (I read a lot so books that are less than 250 pages tend to be lower on my to-read list) but on the higher end in price I will read the reviews to help me decide if Im going to buy the book or add it to my future purchase list. But because I don’t hold a lot of value for reviews in my own book purchasing, I don’t do a lot of reviews because it’s not something that I look for as a customer. If the blurb is engaging enough I will buy the book regardless of reviews so for me, reviews are not too important in terms of books I will buy but I know it’s different for you authors and marketing your work so my apologies for all the non-reviews!

Reading is my main form of relaxation. Writing reviews would make reading a chore.

I forget

Didn’t like the book

Mainly because I am not out to family and friends, many of whom use Amazon

Too damn lazy

I feel like what I am interested in most others are not. So my reviews may not seem important.

just getting into knowing what to say.

Read too many too frequently

I don’t review as much as I’d like to, but it is one of my goals to review all the books I’ve read (which is a lot, so that factors into it too)

Some books I read for leisure and I read them differently then when I have to give a review.

I am not good at writing, prefer the star system that amazon has. 1–5

Because I have to use English. It’s not my mother tongue.

privacy issues

am very shy, have a very hard time expressing myself.

I doubt people care

Time factor (I read a lot) and I’m not an author. I often have a hard time figuring out what I want to say.

I have to feel very strongly one way or the other if I’m going to write a review. Otherwise, star rating is enough.

I don’t like it or don’t care

I don’t like to say anything negative. Also the thought of people making a decision based on my opinion intimidates me.

Other things to do with my time

not interested

I read too many to review every book.

There are so many already…..

Other people have different taste and what I like might not be liked by anyone else. We all have our own tastes.

Not very tech saavy, so haven’t tried

Takes time and I don’t use them

I read only books written in English but it’s not my first language so I have troubles to express my thoughts sometimes.

I honestly don’t take the time because I’m always busy with university work … I only review books that really touched me and I usually don’t post about it publicly, I prefer to send a private message to the author.

i don’t trust amazon to keep ’em anonymous

I didn’t like the book.

I don’t have an account on amazon and i just use my goodreads to keep track of what i read. I might be convinced to write a review of i strongly disagree with what everyone else is saying.

Poor writing skills

Laziness as use phone for Amazon so typing is a pain, and don’t want folks to see extent of my massive lesfic addiction – Happy to keep on supporting lesfic authors by prolific purchasing. Writing this out makes me wanna review though.

I don’t have an outlet, might recommend to a friend but that’s about it.

Most times, I have nothing new to add to what previous reviews have already covered. I will review if the book is really good or really bad, both of which rarely happen.

Because I already keep track of my opinions on all the books I read on my personal journal.


I don’t review any books

Time or sometimes I have difficulties in writing (mostly I read English or French books in lack of good German books, as I am not a native English or French

Too insecure

Never know what to say.


If it was really bad I rate it but I rarely review it

When I don’t, laziness or If I like the author but the book was awful I don’t review

Anxious to read my next book

It takes too much effort

it becomes one more thing on my to-do list

Not good at words

The only time I do not review is if it is a reread, and most of the time I review rereads.

Not enough time and energy

I don’t want to hurt sales if I dislike a book, and I’m not sure what to write.
I’m not the wordy kind of person

I think it is that I don’t know how to explain it well and the fact that it is required to write a minimum of words in order to be able to submit the review.


Not sure, lack of time…

Because, rarely some story, after i finished, my brain kind of blank for some reason. I actually had no idea what should i talk about in the review at all. But i still rate the book.

I have stopped reviewing because as an author I could get in trouble with Amazon if they think i’m trading reviews

Don’t choose to.

Generally, I don’t have the time but sometimes I am not sure what to say

by the time i’m done with the book i’ve moved ahead. I figured someone else would do it and cover it.

there’s no reason to keep at it.

I just don’t like to review

Don’t have time for or interest in reviewing anything

Good or bad someone spent a lot of time writing it so if l don’t like it l try not to be mean.

In summary

What improvements do you think can be made in the lesbian and bi women fiction market? (optional)

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Editing needs serious help. Some of the books have interesting story lines but the grammar and editing are atrocious. It often prevents me from buying books by new authors.

If it is a new author maybe putting book on Kindle Unlimited at least for 30 days to garner a readership and some reviews. I hesitate to spend $7.99 on a book when I am not sure I will like the authors work.

Better editing! It’s so frustrating to see such a great story with such simple grammar mistakes.

Professional editing.

Interesting story lines instead of the usual romantic tropes

More advertising.

I think publishers need to categorise books better. The main theme of the story should be the guiding factor:
Coming of age
Young adults
Categorise them. Advertise them in the right perspective. Don’t add with hetro, Gay or Trans fiction

More nuance, more complexity, more innovative plots and characters, please god. More books that aren’t contemporary romance. More books by and about people of color/trans people/disabled people.
Indie authors, please get editors. I know I’ve already mentioned characterization, but I SINCERELY want more characters who are three-dimensional, who have goals and convictions, who don’t float through life like leaves on the wind. I want more romantic conflicts that stem from differing deeply-held values or personalities, and fewer conflicts that center around exclusively external factors. I want to pick up a book and spend time with a character and, when I reach the end, say “Yes, I understand this person. I know what they’re about. I know what they want, what they’re afraid of; I know where their cracks are; I know where they shine. I know why these two (or more!) people are together. I understand how they complement each other and why it took them this long to realize it." No more seamless blob couples that don’t have lives outside of their relationships. No more safe, flat relationships with no conflicts between partners.

Less glut of contemporary romance and sex. More diverse genres with less emphasis on sex and romance, and better book cover design.

Better editing – too frequent problems with POV, missing/inappropriate words, non sequitors

Better editing

I’m happy with the lesbian book market with the birth of ebooks. Since brick and mortar stores rarely have a lesbian selection.

Better editing

I’m not sure how to implement certain changes, but I can explain something that is frustrating to me. When I go through the “suggested books" on Amazon, it’s a poor and redundant snapshot. I belong to a few social media groups with dozens, maybe hundreds, of other authors whose work is infinitely better than much of what Amazon recommends to me. And I feel cheated. Because I want to read good, quality literature about lesbian women by lesbian writers. I guess I wish there was better advertising for so many authors that I never get word of unless I casually encounter a comment or a post.

1. Please do not publish with DRM, not everyone owns a kindle, a tablet or wants to read on a laptop, or can read on a phone (all suggestions from one author).
2. If you publish on Amazon and your book is available as an epub on your website please make it DRM free on Amazon. For Canadians buying from a publisher’s website a book costs on average 1/3 more than the Amazon price. That is the only reason I buy from Amazon, rather than the publisher; as a voracious reader I have to consider the price.
3. I also think that a book of 200 pages or less should be priced less than a 250 or more paged book. Straight novels are more often 300+ pages. Why are ours so short?

Maybe the prices in paperbacks and more publicity

More advertisement (even by social media), better book covers (less cheesy)

More diverse genre writing. More sci-fi books.

I wish there were more good Science Fiction writers. There is a lot of fantasy but sci-fi really suffers.

There are not many that I would consider quality.

Better writing

Use beta readers more! Poorly edited books are a turn off! Also price accordingly. A 120 page book priced at $9.99 compared to a 300 page book for same price. The 120 page should be less.

New releases for books should be marketed a lot more and authors should send out newsletters fortnightly to let their readers know about what they are working on.

More books with lesbians that aren’t romance novels.

More variety is needed as well as diversity, but I think both are happening.

I personally want to see more mainstream representation. While I do read lesbian fiction, I don’t normally read it because it’s lesbian fiction. I like crime, mystery, horror, fantasy, etc and if the protagonist is lesbian, great that’s a bonus. But it really bugs me that the only way to get that bonus is to specifically look for it where lesbian is the main category and the normal main categories suddenly become sub categories.

Specific categories for lesbian books on Amazon and in newsletters (not mixed up in LGBT)

Editing. I just finished a book that I could have made corrections on each page. It took me three times longer to finish the book, because I had to visually and mentally edit what I was reading. I am a beta reader for a couple of authors, and I can appreciate the difficulties with editing as it can be an expensive part of publishing. What I cannot understand is how an author can justify putting an eBook out for purchase with an insurmountable number of grammatical and punctuation errors. I feel it is an insult to the reader, and the author of the book should really know better, as she is prominent in the social media arena. I would be happy to relate the information if you so desire. I will check FB for a hint.

Authors need to up their writing game and aim for producing something more than McDonalds hamburgers. Publishers need to set higher standards and not stick to safe formulas. They also need a better marketing approach than assuming everyone wants to read contemporary romance. And readers need to recognize and reward good writing, rather than settling for McDonalds hamburgers. I have a hard time finding books of the quality and genres I want within the lesbian/bi publishing world, with the result that mostly I buy “mainstream" books that feature lesbian/bi characters. Maybe for simple contemporary romance, there isn’t much competition out there, but for everything else, you can find better books outside the les/bi market. And the non-contemporary romance books within the les/bi market aren’t marketed well at all, certainly not to their potential wider readership. Non-romance authors who have the chops to hit that wider readership are increasingly having other options, and the lesbian/bi publishing world is going to keep losing their best assets in that area unless they step up their game. And readers looking for solid, well-written non-romance stories are already abandoning the lesbian/bi market for the books they want, because they have other options. (I know because I’m one of them.)

I am happy with the market as it is

Covers art that allows me to read a Lesbian romance in public without looking like a pervert. And editing. Outside of the major publishers, correct spelling, grammar and punctuation seem to be optional. Can kill an otherwise good story.


Just continue to work towards more promotion.

Good editing and proofreading

Better covers, better blurbs. More stringent standards for trad and indies.

expand marketing beyond just lesfic community to mainstream.

Some covers are good, but many are really bad and if it’s not an author I already know and enjoy their work, i often scroll past.

I wish more brick and mortar sellers carried the titles.

Deliberately seeking out and promoting books featuring a greater diversity of authors and characters.

Continue to include more diversity. QWOC, Neurodivergent, Different able etc. Continue to create story where romance is not a significant part of the plot. Even to no romance.

More indie writing by WOC needs to make it thru

sad to say this but I only buy from know lesbian authors. I’ve been scammed by some blurbs on new authors that day the stories are lesbian or gay and they are not. Unless the book is free. I love on a fixed income and must choose wisely.

More advertising, improved blurbs and editing.

Remove cliche storylines. Write a book where the Marie characters just happen to be into girls. Don’t make that the main plotpoint. Have a good representation of queer woman. No brutal deaths or going back to men or being alone forever. Just a nice normal story but there’s gay

Have more available. I like to read a book that I can relate to, where I can see myself in the character. It’s hard to do that if you aren’t being represented in the book.

Check spelling!

See more books on sale, kindle unlimited, book on my lesfic postings.

Less focus on romance and happy endings

Mainstream ads

If I want to read a straight/cis novel, I can probably go to the library and get it for free. If I really like a book, I can buy it to add to my personal library. Being a lesfic reader is bloody expensive. You are forced to purchase every single book with no lending options, save KU. The major publishing houses (BSB etc.) charge hefty prices and have opted not to join KU (and I do understand that authors don’t get the best deal) but it makes it even more ridiculous financially to read quality LesBiFic. If Amazon’s KU service gives authors a raw deal, then maybe it’s time for the community to create its own….

Post a calendar for all conferences being held for lesbian and bi women and encourage readers to attend.

I enjoy the fiction but would be interested in real stories like autobiography’s, biographies, memiors, etc. example The well of Loneliness, biography’s of Radclyffe Hall or women like her.

A lot of the new authors I try in kindle unlimited have badly edited books, it’s a big turn off. As do the some what porn like covers. Amazon.au does not have a Lesbian/bi chart that I can find and don’t always have all the books available in the USA.

More paperbacks in physical shops – Waterstones etc.

A reduction of price would be a good place to start.

Quality is still bad. Self-published authors hawk their books shamelessly. Covers often ugly. One author tried to get everyone to vote for her book in a cover contest, saying we need to have a lesbian book win… but the cover was incredibly bad.


Some fictions could have been longer.

better editing in self-published books

Better editing, for sure! I’ve started reading some books that are so riddled with mistakes that I couldn’t even finish them. Also, more diversity in genre. Seems like most of the lesbian books are romance novels. Not that I don’t love a good romance, but it’d be nice to read more books that are a different category (crime, thriller, etc.) but also have main characters that are lesbian.

Books more wildly available especially as physical books. More reasonably priced.

Reduce the price of better known authors ebooks for new releases

Good editing

Better editing

Improving search functions on larger retailers like Amazon and Audible so that we don’t have to sort through a gazillion books we have zero interest in to find the lesfic.

Higher quality standards for authors and publishers alike. Show that you care for your product. If you don’t, why should I?

Careful editing and competitive pricing

Some stories don’t have enough emotion…When I read, I want to get involved.

Would love to see more sites that list books and categorize/rate them, to help find new authors or books that interest me. The Lesbian Review is good but I’d love more content and ability to search for books that are cheap or on Kindle Unlimited, for when I’m looking for a read but not willing to shell out another $10.

Honestly, getting them into the library (there have been studies that show that library users actually buy more books than non-library users). Both the physical library and through services like Overdrive. I’m a librarian (unfortunately not in the fiction purchasing department, doh!) and I feel like the general (i.e. hetero) romance market has it down, even though a lot of librarians don’t even read them, they keep buying these hetero romances, and so somehow (I wish I knew how) the word has to get out that les/bi (as well as gay, if there’s one place where the gay guys have it worse it’s in their representations on the library shelves) romances are just (if not more) complicated and amazing and varied and everything as hetero ones.

Easier to use searches, eg goodreads a rubric ‘lgbt romance female’

More content of fluid sexuality acceptance (more truly bi characters)

Publish trending and or best selling lists

Better quality editing and proofreading for typos.

More authors supporting each other, regardless of publisher.

Diversity: More books by authors of color; books featuring older characters, disabilities, bi- and trans women; and books outside the romance genre. There are too many formulaic, badly written, badly edited books, which makes it hard for a reader find the gems. Kindle Unlimited has created a thirst for cheap at the expense of quality. Praise and reviews for the most imaginative, best-written books would help.

The gay fiction market always yells, “Give me representation!" But then when you give it to them they go back to the same old stories about their two white and skinny ladies. So the market is fine, it’s the audience that sucks (sometimes).

I would like to know why some of my favorite authors are no longer publishing. I would like information about book related conferences or author appearances to be easier to find.

better editing, more professional production

Publishing longer novels

More effort should be put into this genre becoming part of the main stream book release platform – Some of the authors for this genre have the capability and talent to give most of the Top Ten listers a run for their money.

I like that when I buy from a publisher site, more money goes to the authors. But sometimes finding those publishers is hard. I like Bella because I get introduced to more authors and by extension, more publishers. If I can pay the authors directly, I would. Keep up the fantastic work you do as authors and publishers. Thank you for being there for the plastic reader!

Editing. And something that bothers me is a publisher having different book sizes.

We need more lesfic outside of the romance genre….

I like longer stories and some of them are quite short. I hate it when stories are split into several books, that’s just a marketing scam. Have bigger sections within shops that still sell books. Be nice to be able to browse.

would like to see more diverse women, working class women, different stories other than romance, or romance with a story

more visibility, easier to find when searching for books.

More exposure.

Having discounts or special pricing offers on more titles to entice new readers to try a new author or an established author who has published a series and having those offers translate into discounted prices outside of the USA. Book prices in Canada for example are expensive so it’s more affordable to wait to buy a book when the price drops on it) book or ebook although books are considerably more expensive than in the USA). Offering deals thru publishers or author websites, amazon etc for non-USA holidays to acknowledge and reward foreign customers for their purchases is worth considering in the future.
Also having more titles of lesfic ebooks available on Overdrive increases the odds of them being purchased by libraries as well as ensuring libraries outside the USA particularly have access to lesfic publications thru their suppliers. When I do not purchase lesfic titles myself I do request each month a number of titles as suggestion for them to buy as ebooks based on what is listed on the Overdrive app/website; the majority of my suggestions are purchased and added to the library catalogue this way.

I wish there was one site to see all new releases for any given month for the les/fic genre no matter the publisher. I realize this isn’t possible but I can still wish for it! LOL

Wider variety of topics and subject matter, not the standard tropes

Women authors only, no men writing lesbian or by fiction.

Not sure

I’d like to see the length of the book reflected in the price. I resent paying the same price for a good book of 250 pages as I do for one with 200 or less pages. I mean pages of story, not the pages of advertising. There are not enough books (for me) that have a good, long story. I’d also like more books that don’t focus on sex, fade to black in a good book is fine. I want a good story.

Editing big time. There are some great plot ideas out there but the writing/editing is atrocious and completely turns me off from wanting to read. The length of the books need some improvement as well. Some of these books are like 150 pages and expect me to pay 10 dollars for that? Absolutely not. And for God’s sake write things other than small town romance and cop/doctor romance. It’s tiring to see those over and over. I need some sci-fi and mystery/paranormal stuff. The lesbian community is too complacent with reading the same ole boring drab everyday.

The stories are too much alike. Especially true with the romances. Also… all the women are thin and fit and young. Lesbians age too… and we aren’t all boring grannies sitting home reading. We live full active lives. Finally, why does there have to be explicit sex in every lesbian romance? Tell me a story… I know how the sex works.

Better support for indies to raise the quality of their editing, covers and blurbs

Better books (ha,ha!)

Cheaper books new releases advertised more

Better visibility.

More choices

Much more to choose from and easy ways to get them. That’s why I love Boldstrokes as there are tons in one location and the have a book on sale everyday!

don’t put fotomodels on the cover please!!!!!! i like to imagine them thanks to the writer’s description

The covers

More consistent editing.

I think there need to be a lot more sites for lesbian books. Either I can’t find lesbian sites like the lesbian salute or there aren’t that many

Visibility is everything.

Do a more important job with betareaders (maybe authors could pay for that) and a better work about editions. It’s not respecting the reader when books are published with hundred of typos and miscellaneous (huge) mistakes … Authors should be reminded that quality is more important than quantity.

I’d love to see more diversity => I recently saw an interesting topic about how could be the main female character of a lesfic novel if we (readers) helped you to create her.
Here are a few lil things I thought about :
Not all the lesbians are in their twenties and thirties. So, it could be great if she could be (at least) between 40 and 50 years old…
If she were a cop/soldier/firefighter it’d be great she DOESN’T have the superhero syndrome, if she were a biologist/doc/ surgeon it’d be great she DOESN’T have the power of God in her hands to save everyone, so, seriously, I’d prefer she’d be a more COMMON PERSON capable of a lot of great things just because she’s passionate (so, this fact doesn’t include jumping from a moving train, survive a huge explosion and/or a heavy exchange of gunshots .. LOL) Because we’re not all some women in uniform (and we don’t all have fantasies about them)
If they could have a decent life without being wealthy and having a ‘perfect’ body, it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to have scars from childhood activities and ‘perfect skin’ .. dots always appear when they aren’t expected, LOL.
Don’t think all the butch women act like guys (often described in the novels by the expression ‘the butch stuff’), I’m butch and my good manners (often described like ‘chivalry’) have nothing to do with the fact I’m a butch, they’re the result of the education my parents gave me. Butch can be attracted by femme women but also by other butch women .. So avoid the stereotyped couples.
80% of the population in the world has brown eyes & 10% of the population in the world has blue eyes but only 2% of the world population has green eyes (I’m one of those person .. ) so please, stop giving too often green eyes to your characters, it’s not realistic ..
There are a lot of great novels with awesome characters but usually some of those main characters are pictured almost like superheroes. Don’t get me wrong, I Love, cops/docs/soldiers novels but they are not really realistic so I’d love to read novels based on more real-life situations lived by normal people with more classical jobs/ Why not a cab-driver, a coffee-shop employee, a secretary. Someone who is quite discreet but who can make a REAL difference in the others’ life because she’d be capable of listening to them, to give them some lil piece of advice even if they didn’t lived huge dramas or some awful traumatic events in their life.
Oh, 3 more things:
God knows how much I love women but I’m not a huge fan of the L World so , please, avoid to create some environment where all the characters are outed lesbians and where straights people and men are non existent or pictured like weak persons or real bitches (like a small town in a series I’ve read recently). We need to have a real mixity in the characters to have balanced stories. Homosexuals are a minority in this world so , don’t forget the hets, and remember that men are our friends (not necessarily only the gays ones) LOL
In the spirit of diversity, don’t forget that transgender women are 100% WOMEN so they need to be more present in the lesfic universe (OK some are straight but some of them are gay.). Bisexual women need to be more present too. I had some issues with bi women who cheated on me but they are not all like this so avoid to describe them like cheaters. Cheaters (gay, bi, trans or straights) are just huge morons/jerks.
To be even more realistic, it’d be great that all the love scenes DON’T end on the best ‘orgasm the characters have ever had’. In real life it’s never always a homerun in the sexual area, so maybe the ladies could fail from time to time, they’d be more human like this.
Oh !! And , of course … don’t forget more WOC & transgender characters ..

About the covers of the novels : Think it’s better when we don’t see the face of any characters on them … It’s better to let the reader’s imagination work by itself … Oh .. and, a few authors should stop acting like guys (I mean put naked women on the covers)…

I think that the length of the story should play a major role in determining how much it costs! I run into such things as 60 page ‘books’ selling for $9.99. That’s ridiculous!

Some of them could really use an experienced editor.

Thinking through the story, better editing, more confidence by the author.

I think there is not a significant difference between buying paperback or ebooks and I don’t get it. How can a digital copy be three euros/dollars cheaper than a paperback? You can’t even compare the costs of both formats and yet ebooks aren’t than cheaper

Bi inclusivity, more WoC, fewer bloody breakups. Romance, not cry-rance.

When new authors start writing let people know they exist.

Bi women need more representation to quit that stigma that Bisexuality is a myth or that we cannot decide.

Also some covers really need more work, is not extremely important but it does help. For example: covers with almost naked women are great but not ok if you are in the “closet", I hate to say it of course, but a lot of people can’t publicly show their preferences, some countries are worst then others in that topic. Maybe have 2 covers? For Out people and In the Closet people. "

I think that the edition really needs to be more efficient. Sometimes is really annoying read the book that you paid so much to have and then the story is poorly written or the development is not believable enough. Also the note about the author that all books have, why is necessary talk about the private life of the author? Like, if they are married or something? Why don’t talk about their experiences with writing or how they was accepted to publish, etc? Also, some publish housings are very expensive. I don’t know if this is possible but they should look for the price that the book would be selling in other countries or something, because in my country everything is expensive. Lesbian literature is so expensive, ylva books here is like…80 RL, like…Imagine that the coins are the same in the world, so you buy a book for 80 USD…This is very high…Anyway…


More advertising

More emphasis on romance rather than the assumption of a quick fix

Better covers, translation to other languages.

I wish it was less of a ghetto, and that authors, particularly of genre fic, were more in touch with the larger trends in fantasy, sci-fi, action etc. I love Lesfic, but I read outside the marketing category.

Advertising and cover

More advertisements, and more books in general.

Find readers in broader market. Good writing is good writing, engaging story is engaging story- lots of straight readers will enjoy a hot love story or intriguing plot.

Social media such as FB should cover them more. More frequent news announcements from author and publisher newsletters, websites

Create an alternative to Amazon review sites, buy sites that can go toe-to-toe with Amazon – publisher/author sites not competitive enough. Goal to stop Amazon from monopolising the Lesbian fiction market as well as other books!!

I think more advertising needs to be done and also if it’s a self published book editing needs to be improved.

less sex scenes, sometimes they just throw sex scenes like fillers in the story.

Widening of storylines.

greater diversity and inclusivity of characters, content, and covers

Better editing and e-books formatting

More and broader advertising, more screen plays and movies should be made from books, more authors should have newsletters

Editing would be a major thing. I’ve read quite a few stories that were fantastic, but I KNOW the lack of editing will turn people off. I also think some authors are doing themselves a disservice by openly talking about marketing influencing their stories, especially when they say they only write f/f for sales.

I would like to know if sex scenes are explicitly graphic before I purchase. I rarely quit reading a book once I’ve started it. I recently deleted an unfinished book because it was unnecessarily gross. I am not a prude by any stretch, but prefer not to read lesbian romance that feels as if it were written by a man (or for a man). If there were something in the book description that could help warn about it, that would have helped me make a better decision.

I do think there needs to be better proof reading before books are released especially in the e-book area

It would be great to have a good place to view all books/authors in one place. Individual publishers only have a certain segment and they promote the bigger names. Amazon is hard to find lesbian and bi among all the erotica, gay male, and straight people writing lesfic. A single marketplace where everyone can go with links interact and to buy, would be awesome.

stop it being all categorised as ‘lesbian fiction’ – illustrate the diversity of genres , split it out from the ‘straight person porn’, urban fantasy/paranormal seem to be very good at cross marketing each others work, lesbian fiction just seems to have started doing that (which is great) but its a great way to find new authors and books

Take chances on some of the self published authors on smashwords. Many are quite good, and
better (IMO) than some published by established houses.

To be honest I feel like there isn’t an area that couldn’t be improved.

Improving diversity of characters and quality of writing

quit writing books with 10, 15 or 35 pages, etc. And some authors wait too long to market the next series of their book.

Just to have it around more and advertised more, maybe give the authors more help with editing, be that funding or whatever it is they need. There is alot of great authors out there that don’t have the support because they write gay/lesbian stories.

It would be nice if there was a bigger selection

I think it should be more advertising, there’s not enough advertising of the books to actually know when one comes out

More science fiction. I love it but there doesn’t seem to be enough of it. As far as lesbian sci-fi goes, I’ve read only a handful.

I think it is sad that women in lesbian fiction are often portrayed as inarticulate non communicators often finding it hard to sustain relationships. I prefer gritty crime stories where the lesbians are complex, women solving crimes and managing their relationships

I want better access to leave a review on Amazon when I have authors on my friends list and member of book clubs on Facebook. I feel this is a direct influence for many lesfic fans that cannot write a review because of it.

Overall better editing but I am THRILLED at the number of new Lesbian authors lately

Better books, how about some alien women/shifters

To be priced so that those on low incomes can afford them. If it is a choice between food that enriches the body to live as opposed to lesbian fiction enriching self worth and the soul, food will always win. Paying the bills a joint second. This is my reality.

I have only recently gotten into this market. I used to think it was just erotica. After reading a few fiction books I was surprised to find that I was wrong. I have now dove into the genre and am glad for my Kindle Unlimited subscription. It has helped kill all this time in my deployment.

More diverse topics

Continue to create interesting, realistic characters and weir crafted plots

The Cover and editing

It’s probably fair to say that I avoid the more pricey books unless they have a story line that really hooks me. Interestingly all my favorite authors seem to be in the middle of the range price wise.

Better editing. Better writing in some cases!

PRICE!!! The same type of story same number pages a Lesbian book charges $4.99-$6.99. A M/M or M/F will charge anywhere from .99 to $2.99. Not that hard work shouldn’t be paid, but why pay more for the same book just because its two women.

Just keep doing what your doing if people are interested they will buy

More diverse stories and less skinny white women on covers.

Editing improvements- more diversity in genres

The True Feeling of the writer to their stories

More publicity

Increased variety of literary styles that the books are written in

good stories, esp. about older generations…say over 40’s.

Have more to choose from from more markets

For me it’s the editing in some les/bi fiction that continually needs to be improved. Spell checking ect.. Simple but very important to me and how pleasant the reading experience is, and if I would buy from that author again. It has improved over the years, but with some authors it still needs improvement. Consistency is key!

Better editing.

Stories need to be longer, tie up any loose ends, by this I mean answer all the questions that was brought in the book, better editing, older and experience writers should reach out to younger writers.

Price of ebooks, which is the majority of what we read, I have 2 books out of all my books that have been worth the $10 price tag. Why? Because of the length, bother we’re in 1,000+ word range. Neither writer/author cheated in skipping or prolonging a sentence or word. Editing was spot on. Follow up with another book. 300 pages for $10 is overpriced when you could buy any romance book between $5-7 and it’s not on sale. Marketing stand point-quit with two or more women on the front, watch your words like dyke, butch, femme, these words demean us. Lesbians, bi, straight, curious, etc., we know what we like. Whatever the story is about, that should be the title. For instance: if it has to do with design. Some have put sketches of dresses. Thrillers, mysteries, crime, show badges, silhouettes. Office romances-some authors have shown-a woman sitting down but upper half is cut off. Get creative, authors should come up with something, you write for a living. And ask questions, always ask questions. There is no dumb question. I rather have egg on my face than sit and keep stewing about it. Have fun. I wish all of you the best and I look forward to reading more great stories now and in the future. Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t know. From my point of view (Poland) the market is small because of prices and English language barrier. On the other hand writing of lesbian fiction in Polish is now without sense – the market is to small and any brave writer would starve…

A SEPARATE CATEGORY EACH FOR LESBIAN AND FOR BI APART FROM THE GAY/LESBIAN CATEGORY THAT INCLUDES MALE GAY LITERATURE. I WANT A CATEGORY FOR JUST LESBIAN AND ANOTHER FOR BI THAT IS N-O-T GROUPED IN WITH MALE GAY BOOKS. It is so frustrating trying to find a good female lesbian novel when I am forced to scroll through hundreds of male gay novels. We need a separate category!

Editing for sure. More quality books by decent authors would be nice.

Just more of it.

Can we somehow make it more accessible to young people / mainstream readers?

Somewhat erotic moments should be there

I do think cheesy covers tend to the people away. Those could improve. I personally still only buy physical copies. There’s too much emphasis on ebooks for me.

Better visibility

More promotions for higher visibility

Most of the market (at least it seems to me) is romance. I believe this needs to expand to include more genres.

It’s very hard for a new author to become known or to find an audience. It takes so much time online (unless you are rich enough to buy lots of advertising) that you don’t have time to write anymore. There needs to be a better way to reach potential readers. Good books are being left out while some poorly edited and poorly proofed books are getting lots of play.

I think the biggest challenge (and therefore the largest area for improvement) is overcoming the enforced isolation of lesbian and bi fiction in a blanket, nondescript catch-all lgbt category. This is frustrating to me because I’m not interested in digging through lists of gay (male) and other queer literature to find lesbian works. It’s more than that though, because I’m certain gay men don’t really want to have to sift through lists of lesbian literature, either. Yet, that’s what the queer community is stuck with.
To be fair, the volume of queer literature as a whole is substantially smaller than cis literature, and part of the reason for that is just a boring numbers game (less of us, fewer of us to write and publish). However, there definitely feels like there is a strong cis bias against equal representation of queer literature in more general categories (like, say, suspense, mystery, fiction, etc.), and almost never do awesome queer works (let alone lesbian or bi works) make it into recommended lists in those more general categories. Whatever the reasons (and there are a lot), it translates to functional erasure, and leaves us queer readers and writers scrounging around to find each other in the poorly backrooms of digital bookstores.
I dream of the day when queer literature isn’t some “specialty" category, and we’re all represented as fully functional, fully developed, normally flawed humans in great literature, regardless of the sexuality of the writer. Also, sorry! I think I just needed to vent. I don’t really know how to solve these problems; and I wish I did.

The books need to appear in more places or we have to highlight where they can be found. Helping small independent stores in your city is important. The books need to appear to be more mainstream rather than a subset.

More variety and diversity. I prefer SFF and mysteries, so romances are sometimes boring to me. I would like to see myself represented more often, not just the beautiful, buff 20- or 30-something rich woman. I know that sells, but I make a conscious decision to buy books with other protagonists.
better marketing, more social media, improved editing, author relationships with readers

With Amazon as it is, I’m not sure where or why improvements are needed.

Overall it is the story that means the most to me. There seems to be a whole in some of the sub-genres like coming of age, high school, fetish, etc. I do find an over abundance of mystery, police drama, and paranormal specifically vampire and werewolf but not that much magic. I personally would definitely like to see more well thought out HEA’s instead of just leaving the story to end on an open note or quickly put together tie up. most of all can we PLEASE tone down or reduce the amount of tragic drama, I mean I know there needs to be some but it is depressing in this genre be it movie or book that everyone must suffer. I read to be entertained and to feel good and even some heavy drama or tragedy can be good, but I suffer from a type of depression and can find myself feeling worse after a dramatic or tragic filled story when it ends with little to no hope for the characters. Sorry for the complaint but I myself am a budding author struggle to (as a male especially) to find or write out a story that highlights women discovering or continuing relationships with other women without being heavy handed with the sorrowful and depressing state of reality that anyone in the LGBTQ community already suffers from. I wish humans weren’t such shitty creatures. Where is the joy?

To appeal to those with certain interests or hobbies it would be great to see categories that we could search through based upon theme, such as winter sports, water sports, book writers, teachers, olympics, etc.

start with better editing, there are good stories out there but the authors could really benefit from better editing. better covers would help, as would interjecting lesbian story lines into more genres.

Fix the grammar and spelling.

More variety

There are a LOT of tropes still out there. I wish publishers would dial down the enemies to lovers, converted playgirl, etc.

Editing. Maybe another read thru would catch spelling errors. Also, with books in a series the author needs to remember details of previous stories.

Sites like book bub put the lgtb books together so you mostly books you won’t read. All lesbian/bi/trans site listing books in the categories would be cool when looking for something new to read

More marketing from the publishers

I’d like to see more work done to engage public libraries to purchase more lesbian fiction; some libraries are good, others barely purchase any, and some purchase it but won’t make it visible as “lesbian". Public libraries are an important resource especially for older women (who are less tech savvy when it comes to Kindle etc) and women on lower incomes.

The cover are often so bad IMO, I hope it’s gonna get better soon. Also there is a need for better promo. Without social media, it’s difficult to know about that kind of fiction.

We need more diversity in genre and in the characters and stories told. We need to be willing to take more chances on the books that don’t fit the usual formula. And we need to spend more money and time on editing to ensure that the books that are published keep a standard of quality that doesn’t make readers sorry they spent their money on these books.

God, where to start…editing costs money and lesbifiction publishers don’t pay market rates. Good cover designs cost money, too. See above. And lesbitropes are rife in lesbifiction. Where’s the diversity? WOC writers and storylines? Portrayals of differently abled characters? Older characters? Neurodivergent? Why aren’t lesbifiction publishers working to help create that diversity and encouraging new generations to read and write theiir stories? Why aren’t white authors and readers doing so? This is a topic that could be a 2-day conference and we still wouldn’t have addressed all the things we should be thinking about. Thanks, though, for the survey.

Put more money behind them to encourage people to read them. To also not hide that it has lesbian and bi women in it.

Get more advertising for them like how Twilight/Harry Potter get all the hype and more healthy relationships and even though coming out books are super important, maybe have established relationships/characters who have been out for awhile

Some indie authors need a proofreader, editor or both.

Have them more available in book stores and libraries. Usually places around me have a very tiny, if any, selection of lesbian and bi women fiction. Plus it might help younger audiences who are not out to their parents and are too nervous to order anything in the mail.

More honesty and higher standards from some publishers. I’ve read books out of publishing houses that are terrible. This causes me to distrust their products. I’m giving more indie authors a shot…they tend to be cheaper too.

Realistic characters as far as looks, more diversity, and please better editing.

A crackdown on poor/no editing or formatting – some e books are appalling in this regard. Getting the language right – particularly USA based writers who set their plots in Europe, some of the lack of translation between US/UK/EU English is dreadful ie in the US it’s a condo in UK/EU it’s a flat!

equal attention to women of color

I think if more people bought books to support small independent publishers dedicated to telling LGBTQ stories the quality overall of these books would improve. But as it stands, it seems to me that the community is slow to support these authors and publishers. And that is reflected back in the quality of the cover, editing services offered, and so on. If we want better, we have to show up.

Better marketing/ just more marketing. I often don’t hear about lesbian and bi women books, except from queer bloggers. The publishers should be uplifting these books more.

Many publishers still have outdated websites and book covers that don’t attract the right marketing. I think publishers and authors need to update on what’s going on more often because their audience is always changing. We need easier to navigate websites and prices that are easier for a younger audience and international readers to afford. Or at least more giveaways and sales to bring these readers in.

the pricing for ebooks is the biggest barrier, in romance specifically

Re the writing itself: More respect for other queer identities, e.g. removing biphobia, aphobia, arophobia, transphobia/cissexism. Also specifically stating what identities are represented (this is sometimes done but isn’t standard) so readers don’t have to dig through reviews in the hope of finding out.

I would like to see more historical fiction without fantastical elements. I’d like to see more fiction that feels like real people and real feelings from the middle of life (even if I do love a good happy ending & believe coming out stories are great). I’d like to see these books marketed clearly and unapologetically. With blurbs written clearly too, because sometimes I get tired of reading blurbs and being unsure if it is in fact about lesbian/bi women. More than once I have had to google if it is in fact gay, because the book blurb in itself didn’t really tell me that.

Lower ebook prices!

More options, more advertising

Reaching readers is always the goal. Posting FRIENDLY or WITTY or FUNNY ads on all social media 1-2 x a week over 2 wks works on me. 🙂

More femme/femme relationships

I don’t see them reviewed or advertised very often.

Big publishing houses, e.g. BSB charge too much, don’t use K U, and their sales are on books 10 years old. I tend to buy indie authors, I try to support those who self-publish.

Books are priced for the Western market, so for us South Asian readers, the prices are prohibitively high and make them unaffordable. I have to depend on ARCs, sales and giveaways for most of my lesfic reading.

Some of the poorly edited books are disheartening and bring down the whole genre. I am not talking about error-free because that is really tough, I am talking about books riddled with mistakes that are slapped up on KU and still do fairly well because…well…they’re free to KU users

Better cover designs & more professional approach. There is a lot of amateur-looking books which may be good but I probably wouldn’t buy them because they look like they’ll be poor quality (I know you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’ but I do, sorry!). I’d also like to see more diversity in books as characters tend to be very white/middle-class/able-bodied/American/cis.

Improved editing!!

More variety

Separate section specifically for Lesbian/ Bi, rather than just under the Gay section in the likes of Amazon

Covers need improvement overall, but some authors consistently have good-to-amazing covers like Clare Ashton, Clare Lydon, Jade Winters, Sarah Waters, Elle Spencer, Harper Bills, Rae D Magdon and Giselle Fox. Books could be longer for the price, as it seems a standard in the lesbian and bi market that books cap out at around 240-260 pages–you can tell that some stories may have been edited down to fit that page max at the detriment of the story; in other instances the stories are so good you just know the author could have delved further into their stories without comprising quality if they had more pages to work with.

I think the improvement lies in the community — often f/f is not as popular because people don’t care about it / think it’s good (and often fetishize m/m). but I think that in general, for any book genre, diversifying lesbian & bi fiction would be really important for intersectional identities

Fewer fade to black sex scenes (winks) would be great

Larger market. More choices. Character diversity.

Quantity and editing/cover quality

More advertising and visibility.

More advertising and hype for new lesbian and bi women fiction releases, especially in middle-grade/YA & New Adult. There should more access given to lesbian and bi women who are willing to read and review those books early to help promote these books such as giving ARCs to lesbian/bi female reviewers & bloggers.

More marketing

I think characters of varying adult ages are needed. All the books are generally in the 20 to, at the most, late 30’s range. I think it’s because authors seem to think that’s the only age interested in sex.
I would like to see more mature lesbian stories.

More quality mainstream type books. More YA and especially fantasy.

For me, it is editing…I may like the premise of a book, but when I get into it and it has many editing errors, I am just kind of turned off on future books by the author. I may try a second book, but if it is as bad as the first with errors then I feel like I have wasted my money. There is one particular author who seems to have this issue and I have mentioned it in my reviews. But I don’t know if it has improved, as I don’t want to try another one and have to figure out what the sentence is supposed to say. It takes away from the enjoyment of reading.

more compelling plots and concepts. Romances are great but when they’re only 50 pages with no conflict, it becomes boring. More interesting characters and places to supplement the romance
Better editing. Better writing in general. Fewer cheesy romances, continued variety in other subgenres. The standard published lesfic book at 187 pages is too short and too limited in scope and is WAY overpriced for the length and quality.

More advertising. More books that are not only about sexuality but also meet genres such as fantasy and mystery.

Make them into movies

More options

Stories are real and don’t always come with a happy ending. Publisher should allow all types of endings

More inclusivity, more publicity, definitely more affordable prices.

Marketing is challenging. SO many small review sites (I try to follow quite a few). I almost always am seeing books I had never heard of before, even though some have been out for years.
Grouping into categories UNDER romance. No one seems very good at this. Publishers especially have the category “new releases" then a giant glob of everything else. Amazon has slowly added refining, but we don’t get the standard categories that non-LGBTQ+ books do.
I’d also like to see more advertising of POC books. AT this point, paranormal, sci-fi, historical, law and order, medical and more all have many entries.

Stories that are less about BEING gay and more just about living life

Most books are way too expensive for the UK market. $9.99 plus UK VAT works out at over £8. New releases from quality big name authors at the main publishing houses (eg Sarah Waters) are c.£6-7 on Kobo, dropping to £5 after a few weeks. Crime thrillers from the smaller publishing houses (still professionally edited and composed) retail at under £4.
The majority of lesfic I’ve read has, at best, been at the level of semi-decent fanfic. It’s def not worth paying a premium of 50-100% over the cost of regular professionally published books when what you get is around 200 pages that Harlequin wouldn’t see fit to print if the characters were heterosexual.
As a general rule, research and editing is poor; factual errors and anachronisms abound. One novella I read (price £7 for 12k words) set Pearl Harbour in 1942. Medical plots/sub-plots are almost never fact-checked properly with anyone with a clinical background. For a £3 eBook, I could be more forgiving. If you want to charge Random House prices, you need to provide RH quality. Ylva in particular are poor in this regard. They take popular fanfic trash, change the character names and correct only the most egregious spelling errors. The prose is often tortuous. I would never buy from them again as the quality of their output is so low.
You can’t trust reviews because 90% are paid or friends of the author.
I now stick to mainstream published fic or genre specialist houses (eg Tor).

There should be given some space for lesbian books in “normal" bookshops. It is frightening that lesbian bookshops do not exist anymore and lesfic is fully disregarded by “normal" bookshops

More promotion. I discover books through newsletter emails and social media (twitter mainly), but I think if people aren’t in those circles already the promotion they do get might be easily missed.

More books. 😉

Sections in high street retailers are often very small, which is why I have to buy the majority of my lesbian and bi fiction books online, even though I know the authors receive less money for this. However, the prices for lesbian and bi fiction books are often much higher than other paperbacks, sometimes double the cost, which often results in me buying an e-version rather than a paperback.

Stop beating a dead horse with tropes/clichés. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the books that do not prescribe to the typical tropes tend to not get as much air time or advertising as their counterparts who overly rely on those tropes. I also think that the lack of audiobooks for the market is crippling its ability to reach a larger audience. Many of us aren’t as capable of picking up a physical book to spend 3-4 hours with. Audiobooks are easier for our commutes, downtime at work, and audible keeps track of our progress so we don’t forget where we have left off.

longer books with storylines outside of romantic interludes

More exposure I think

Get the editing/ proof reading correct. I get frustrated by the bad spelling, misplaced words and general lack of continuity in many books I purchase from lesbian authors. The times where a characters name transpose in a sentence etc drives my crazy. I’ve paid for something advertised as a professional document.

I think ebooks have risen too much in price. Keep it lower. Editing in some books is dreadful…. can’t understand how some of it is released on line.

Editing needs to be improved


Less formula, we get together, we fight we break up, we get back together…Seems to be a lot of the same plot lines.

Biggest improvement would be in pricing

More advertising

Cost friendly

Mostly just editing. And stop using drug instead of dragged!

Better stories. I’ve only read a few that were great stories with real characters that I’ve loved. Many are simply vehicles for sex scenes.

Longer and more books

Covers are often awful and turn me off a book, I’m very relieved when one has a decent cover. I’ve actually not bought books or skipped checking them out because of the cover. I do think sometimes the editing could be better.

I would love it if I didn’t have to wait so long for the next book to come out when it’s a series

I would like this genre to be more available in shops

More availability

I enjoy reading lesbian fiction, I think the covers in many cases do not do the books justice.

I think overall quality of writing is improving in bigger books but the shorter book the writing quality is not so good. I also read mainstream romance and i have to say that the overall quality of the publishing and writing is better

more attention to the craft of writing. i don’t want to read a characters name 10 times in one paragraph.

Better editing across the board. I do not want to pay full price for simple tips that could have been picked up with a spelling and grammar check.

More diverse characters that aren’t perfect or rich, no breakups at 70-95% into the book, limit or eliminate flashbacks, no drama based on not communicating at all, no forced drama just to have drama, it would be great if a couple could be together and the conflict comes from outside of them so we can see how they handle it rather than the couple breaking up with each other to come back again, NO INSTA-LOVE, give us slow burn romances please.

More books in general. More books with characters that are more mature in age, say 40+. Also, characters that “come out" later in life.

More main women of color characters. More stories starting off with an established relationship. Better covers.

Reduce the unnecessary angst at the 75% completion mark that changes a story or a character

Plots are often a bit immature; writing is often not high quality – stories are solely plot based. I’d like to see better quality literature, less sex, better character development, better writing. I don’t want to see the genre simply relying on being a niche genre, but instead want to see more quality writing. On another front, step up the marketing. I only see LesFic marketed on BookBub (because it’s a category I checked) and sometimes on GoodReads. I don’t know what to suggest, but I don’t ever really notice LesFi at Barnes&Noble.

Better editing and even writing in some cases

Lower the prices a tad; do not artificially lengthen (if the full book, as written, is about 242 pages, do not add 20 ‘extra’ filler to increase page length) or decrease book lengths (if book is about 525 pages, do not cut book in half and release as two separate books), though overall length of a full length book should probably be closer to 300 to 400 pages, instead of the roughly 264 page per book that seems standard.

more longer length novels

Established authors should be available at lower cost or often be on sale to make it easier for new readers to get on board, they are usually the ones people go for first when deciding to read specialized literature and high cost can be prohibitive for many. New authors should keep promoting their stuff with frequent sales and assure to make good blurbs at retails sites. Finally, authors should stick together and promote together, it helps a lot.

Better editing

A lot of ebooks are $9.99 which is too much for my budget. Sales helps.

Better editing, better covers. And just more lesfic in general! I understand we’re a minority, but sometimes I feel out of options.

Keep a high standard and get the word out there

I’d love it if we were not fragmented. It’s painful that some publishers argue. I try to be positive. In my lesbian publishing utopia, everyone would get along, and we would share a common software and data warehouse. My utopia lesbian software would be similar to Amazon – syncs across devices, easy uploads, common location for updates and notifications, and a warning that you’ve already purchased the eBook. BUT, the cut to manage would be reasonable and not 30% like Amazon takes.

Better writing

I think some of the smaller publishers should open up their ARC programs. YLVA has an excellent one. When I see my friends on Goodreads reviewing a book, it helps get me to buy it. I hope my ARC reviews do the same. I understand smaller publishers can’t be opening up the ARC process to a ton of people like BSB does, but I think they should target some of the more active Goodreads and or Amazon reviewers. I also think a few more sales would help. I buy lots of books from BSB, YLVA and Bella when they have sales. I wish more of the other small publishers did too.

Better books, more editorial rigor. There’s too much crap out there.

Don’t treat bi women as polyamorous cheaters, or indecisive.

I can’t think of anything really. To be honest you guys put them on sale often, I also believe that you guys don’t make as much as we think . Except for putting on sale the new releases more often you guys are rocking . Good luck

the more the better

Better editing. Clearly label those terrible conversion books (like when the story is originally a gay guy couple and then it’s changed a bit into lesbians). Keep up the support for great fanfiction. Stop giving the green light to writers who put needless rape in their lesfic stories. Improve those covers! Break outside the standards for run of the mill romance. Oh, and stop dressing lesbian characters so badly! Hiking boots, cargo/bermuda shorts, and strappy sandals are the worst.

The books ought to be more affordable. For someone living outside the united states, conversion of the dollar to the respective country’s currency increases the cost. For me living in india, $9.99 seems to be a lot and so I’m forced to rely mostly on Kindle unlimited access to books.

Make it easier to find ,don’t lump it in with gay male fiction

There needs to be more of a focus on characters other than thin, able-bodied, cisgender white women.

Better editing, investment in writing blurb that actually pulls a reader to purchase, better marketing of fiction written by authors who actually understand their market.

More women of color represented and international settings

I would like to see better editing. It is very annoying to read a story with a huge amount of mistakes. Some ‘blurbs’ could be better at giving an idea of what kind of story it is.

I guess we can be more supportive of one another. I know plenty who aren’t. And the negativity is rampant. That needs to end. And I know it’s not PC to say but I really do hate a book with lesbian characters where everyone HAS to be gay. I see nothing wrong with a hetero side character in a lesbian book. Doesn’t make it less gay.

Write good books, such as mysteries and adventures, with lesbian characters and leave out the explicit sex. Not everything is about sex.

I’d like to see more quality, realistic work on the lesbian and bi women genre

The books of authors who work for publishing houses need to be cheaper. These days I tend to only buy books by my favourite authors if they are connected to publishing houses and prefer to read indie authors on Kindle Unlimited as they are much more reasonably priced and the quality is growing stronger.

I only wish that some of the many great lesfic books were made into films or tv series, where this excellent genre could perhaps be more widely acknowledged.

I would love to see some sort of easy identifier to be sure I’m buying a book actually written by a lesbian and not some guy running a category-loading mill who buys plots and has his titles written offshore. This practice is starting to dominate the Amazon listings and pushes out legitimate lesbian authors.

The price of the books are so expensive than the gay ones which makes no sense to me. And most of them don’t have sex scenes which upset me because it’s like they don’t think lesbians make love or women like sex. I like mysteries and l don’t think there is enough in lesbian fiction. Girls can be detectives and fall in love and have sex after work and raise babies. I need more books that represent all of that in the same book at a reasonable price.

Explore relationships more, its unsatisfying when 70% of the book is about their sexual attraction and when they finally get together the book ends.

I generally stick to kindle unlimited books. If I really enjoyed it I will purchase the book after to support the authors. I find it frustrating when an author has all ebooks set at $9.99. I never see sales or promotions for when they first come out. And 99% of the time these books are not that long. I finish it in a day or 2 and with the amount I read I couldn’t afford every $9.99 ebook. Although if they had 1 book on ku so I could sample their writing I would be more inclined to purchase other books.

Better promotion from publishers outside of the small online sapphic niche; normalization of f/f content targeted towards sapphic women; normalization of straight women reading sapphic content just as much as they read m/m