Journey’s End

The third part of the epic WLW romance series

Newly-retired Olivia Lewis is throwing herself into married life and aiming to be a domestic goddess before the first week is over. In a reversal of roles, Emily finds herself commuting from New York to London every week in order to realise her dreams of becoming a professional scriptwriter.

It isn’t long before Olivia recognises that her days are long and empty, and they both feel every one of the 3,500 miles between them. Will they be able to bridge the distance?

Chapter One

Emily cupped the mug of tea firmly in her hands. She looked at the various papers on the kitchen table. She wasn’t one for business and finances; the whole thing gave her a headache. But here she was, having a business meeting with her recently appointed agent.

After so many weeks of telephone calls and emails, it was a relief to have the meeting in person. The only problem was that now Nicole could see her confused expression.

“So, that’s the final script that you think we can sell?” Emily asked. She gestured to the piece of paper that Nicole held.

Nicole nodded. “I’ve spoken to all my contacts, and I think that’s it. The remaining scripts that you’ve written are good, but they don’t all work in a theatre environment. They’d need quite a lot of rewriting to get them into a place where they’d be suitable for stage.”

Emily picked up the mug and sipped at her tea. She wasn’t surprised that only a quarter of her back catalogue had any financial value. In fact, she was still getting over the shock that any of them had made any money at all.

When she had first started putting pen to paper, it was simply as a hobby. She’d read a book when she was in school about scriptwriting, and something had lodged in her brain. The act of taking a story and writing it in out in simple script form had been calming.

“Still in love with Olivia’s character…”

“So worth the wait”

– Reviewer

“My love for this series grows…”

– Reviewer

“An excellent addition to the Flight Series”

– Reviewer

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