Screwball comedy mystery and Lambda 2018 winner

Barista. Huntress. Hijinx.

Running from the law is Amy’s only choice. 

When the scatty barista investigates the disappearance of her favourite customer, she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy. Armed with a dummies guide to camping and accompanied by her best friend, she rushes to escape the Huntress sent to capture her.

Can Amy save the girl and clear her name, or will she be imprisoned for terrorism?

Huntress is a fun cozy mystery. Join Amy on her hilarious romp around Britain as she tries to evade the Huntress.


Amy let out a sigh and leaned back heavily on the plastic chair of the break room. She looked at the two male police officers in front of her and shook her head in despair.

“She might be dead, you know,” she told them.

The older officer smirked and looked away. Probably to prevent himself from saying anything that would upset her further. Since they had arrived, both had been cocky to say the least. They had spoken down to her; mansplaining the rules on exactly when and how to declare someone as missing. The older guy had stood by the door, presumably eager to get away as soon as possible. He leaned against the wall, his thumbs hooked onto his utility belt as he left most of the conversation to his younger colleague, Officer Raj Patel.

“I think you are jumping to conclusions based on very little evidence,” Raj told her in a soft tone that made Amy want to wring his neck.

“Why do I pay my taxes?” Amy asked.

“Good one, never heard that before,” the older guy said with a sarcastic laugh.

"One of the best books I read all year."

"Laugh Out Loud Funny"

- Reviewer

"My first book by this author and absolutely loved it!"

- Reviewer

"Absolutely the craziest, funniest, best mystery I've read in a long time"

- Reviewer

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