Book Two in the Flight Series

City professional Olivia Lewis is coming to terms with her latest romantic failure by attempting to throw herself into her work. But with clients suddenly leaving Applewood Financial in their droves it becomes clear that old enemies have decided to strike and Olivia realises that she is losing everything.

Meanwhile the world of first-class flight attendant Emily White comes crashing down around her when she loses her job with Crown Airlines. With no income, enormous debts and a broken-hearted five-year-old son she thinks that things can’t get any worse. That is until a blast from the past threatens it all. When a twist of fate brings them together will they finally be able to understand each other?

Grounded is a heartwarming lesbian romance novel and the second part of the Flight Series. If you enjoy reading about strong, independent women then you will love this book.


Olivia Lewis leaned her head back on the plush leather headrest of her first-class seat and looked out the window to her left. The approach to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York looked much the same as it did every week, but this time felt different. This was the first week that Olivia had changed her schedule, no longer flying the route she had become comfortable with over the past ten years. The reason for her change was quite simple: Emily White.

Olivia let out a sigh; she still didn’t quite understand what had happened with the young cabin assistant. However, she knew whatever it was, the blame sat squarely on her own shoulders. It always did.

“Can I get you anything before we land, Miss Lewis?”

Olivia looked up at the flight attendant, her new Emily White. Except this one was actually called Steve, and instead of long, flowing, blonde locks, he was completely bald.

“No, thank you,” Olivia replied politely.

"This my new favorite series....I couldn't put it down"

"I finished this in two days and never regretted a second."

- Reviewer

"Wonderful characters that tug at your heart"

- Reviewer

"A sequel that completely surpasses its predecessor!!!"

- Reviewer

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