Climbing the Ladder

Office-based Romance

Getting the job of your dreams is fantastic, until you bring the company to its knees in your first week.

Chloe Dixon just got her life back on track following an emotional break up. When she trusts the wrong person, she finds herself in the middle of a PR storm. She needs to fix her mistake if she is to keep her long-coveted job and save one of the most influential magazines in the country.

If you like laugh-out-loud romantic comedies, witty dialogue, and characters you’ll fall in love with, then you’ll love Climbing the Ladder

Chapter One

Chloe Dixon held onto the handrail above her head. She looked out of the train window at the dark tunnels of the London Underground. A book hung loosely from her free hand. It hadn’t managed to hold her interest, or stop her from fretting about her new job, as she had hoped.

She turned away from the window and surveyed her fellow commuters. It had been a while since she’d commuted into Central London for work. She felt as if she had rejoined an exclusive club. A club where getting up hideously early, paying an arm and a leg to travel under the city streets, and wearing uncomfortable work outfits was the price of membership.

Despite the shocking cost of a monthly travel card, she was ecstatic to be back in London. Or, in the rat race, as her dad had called it. As per usual, it had taken her parents around fifteen seconds to turn good news into bad.

Her celebration over getting a new job, working for a company she had dreamed of, was soon extinguished under their barrage of questions. What time would she have to get up for work? How much was the cost of travel? How many extra hours would she be away from home due to commuting?

Chloe shook her head to dispel her parents’ negativity. They were good people, just overly practical. She loved them both fiercely, but she was also aware of their pessimistic attitudes. She, on the other hand, tried hard to find the silver lining and keep cheerful. She had a lot to be cheerful about.

“I loved every word of this story! Every single word!”

“A.E. Radley brings readers another fantastic romcom!”

– Reviewer

“A wonderful read and highly recommended”

– Reviewer

“This book was just a joy to read”

– Reviewer

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