Keep Holly Close

Sequel to the best-selling novel Bring Holly Home

Former personal assistant Holly Carter is settling into her new life as a mother, a journalist, and partner of magazine editor—and former boss—Victoria Hastings.

The arrival of an anonymous email threatens to split the happy couple up. They have to work together but will they be able to overcome both Holly’s amnesia and Victoria’s reserved demeanour to find the perpetrator?

Chapter One

“No.” Victoria slid the page proofs across the desk to Gideon Fisher.

He softly sighed and picked them up.

She examined the next set of proofs. These had been back to the art department no fewer than eight times, but something still wasn’t right. She squinted and noticed the hitch. She put them on the desk and slid them towards her director of photography.

“Also, no.”

She moved on to the next set. Gideon wisely didn’t ask what was wrong with either set. He’d worked with her long enough to know not ask superfluous questions when she was very clearly in a bad mood.

She expected her team to be able to do their jobs. If she was required to spoon-feed them every single detail, then they’d be better off looking for employment elsewhere. As the editor-in-chief of the most popular fashion magazine in North America, Victoria Hastings had impeccable standards. Anyone who worked at Arrival deserved to be there, or they found themselves out of the door very quickly.

“Many thanks once again to A.E. Radley for yet another amazing book.”

“Amazing sequel! Loved it!”

– Reviewer

“Both these books are my favorites and are a must-read for AE Radley fans.”

– Reviewer

“I will say this, if you loved the first story this one is a must-read! If you haven’t read the first one, I suggest you do because it’s so gosh darn good and will make this book even better for you! Either way, read this!!”

– Reviewer

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