Be a Bad Girl and mark off your lockdown days (without damaging your wall!)

Well, this is it.

We’ve all been locked up. Too many second homers in Norfolk, or teenagers gathering in parks. Jerk CEOs who think people being able to buy cheap tracksuit bottoms is essential, and people who still don’t understand the importance of social distancing.

It’s not a surprise that Boris Johnson finally had to lockdown the UK.

So, I’m declaring it. Staying in is the new going out. And if you want to be a cool kid, and let’s be honest we all do, you’ll need this season’s latest accessory. A wall chart.

As luck would have it, I’ve made one and you can download it for free by clicking here. How fancy!

This nifty little gizmo will provide two sources of satisfaction, firstly something to do on these long, boring days. Trust me, around day eleven ticking a day off a wall chart will seem like quite the luxury. Also, it will show just how easy these three weeks will go by.

I’m picking three weeks as I think that is probably what we’re looking at judging from the Prime Minister’s speech and the general news I’m hearing. If it is longer than three weeks, we’ll have the improvise.

Now, this isn’t like your chocolate advent calendar in December. You can’t borrow from tomorrow when you’re feeling peckish. Only tick a day off when you have completed that day. No cheating.

I’ve marked down some helpful dates that we’ll go through while doing our time like the hardened criminals we are. Admit it, you picked up an extra pack of toilet roll three weeks ago, just in case. I know you did.

So, play along and download and print the chart and pop it on the wall. I’d love to see people ticking off their days so feel free to tag me on social media when you do!

While this chart is mainly for the UK, anyone can play… it helps if you’re in lockdown but it’s obviously not essential if you want to play along. You do you.

On a serious note, please do abide by the new rules. Don’t go out unless you absolutely have to, the sooner we all comply with these rules, the less pressure on our NHS, the fewer people will die, and the sooner we’ll all be able to go out again.

And please, please, wash your hands.

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