An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy, this is basically a copy of a book that is sent to a team of people before release in order for those people to leave an honest review.

Having an ARC team is really important to authors, but especially important to Indie authors, and even more so for WLW authors. Reviews, especially reviews on Amazon, are a key component of the algorithm that decides where in the chart books are displayed.

Books with no or few reviews are often lost in the vast number of books that are uploaded onto Amazon every single day.

A way to combat this is to ensure that a book has reviews from day one. To do this, ARC’s are distributed to a trusted list of people who are willing to accept a free, early copy of a book in exchange for them posting an honest review.


I love my ARC team and therefore I try to make my ARC process as simple as possible. While my ARC team is large, and growing all the time, I don’t send every book I write out to every member of my ARC team. I believe it’s important to match books to readers rather than sending books out with no process.

When a new book is being prepared for launch, I contact a cross-section of my ARC team and provide them with a bit of information about the book, including genre, blurb, and release date.

If people are willing and able to provide an honest review in good time, I’ll send them a copy of the eBook.

On the day of release my ARC team publishes their honest review of the book on Amazon and/or Goodreads.


If you want to join my ARC team, help to support this lesfic author, and receive free eBooks in return for an honest review, please fill in the form below.