Announcing the closure of the Heartsome shop…

As some of you are probably aware, my books are currently available through the Heartsome shop as well as on other distributor platforms. Over the next few months, products will be removed from the Heartsome shop with the ultimate aim of the store being closed by Autumn 2018.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support of the Heartsome shop and reassure users that you will of course be able to contact Heartsome about any questions you have regarding your previous orders.

While the Heartsome store has been very successful during the last 14 months, it no longer fits with our business model going forward. And, as a result, we have decided to close the online store.

The reason for this is quite simple; maximum visibility = sales = success.

Like it or not, Amazon is the current leading marketplace for books. While some people choose to not give their business to the monolithic online store, for an author who wants to be successful there is no alternative. Any author who chooses to avoid Amazon is going to struggle to get their work noticed. And while I support any author and their individual business models and plans for success, mine involves reaching as many readers as I can.

My business model involves attempting to rank as highly as possible on Amazon charts. Because the higher I rank; the more people will see my book and potentially purchase it. It’s a little like the difference between having your book on a shelf in a bookstore, or in the shop window. Obviously, we’d all rather be in the shop window. And books in the window are much more likely to be bought.

Every book purchased through Amazon goes into the complicated algorithm mixture that Amazon uses to determine rank. Therefore, a book purchased through the Heartsome store… while a very much appreciated sale… isn’t going to help me achieve my ultimate goal of ranking more successfully on Amazon.

As many readers know, authors often get paid a higher royalty figure when the book is purchased directly through the publisher rather than from a distributor (such as Amazon). While this is the case, even with an Independent author such as myself (Amazon takes a 30% commission from each book I sell), it is still more beneficial for me to have the Amazon sale rather than the direct sale.

And so, the Heartsome store will soon be closing. I’d like to thank everyone for their support of the Heartsome store and again offer my reassurances that customer support will continue to be available.



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