Best selling lesfic author A.E. RadleyA.E. Radley is an entrepreneur and best selling women-loving-women fiction author living and working in England.

She describes herself as a Wife. Traveller. Tea Drinker. Biscuit Eater. Animal Lover. Master Pragmatist. Annoying Procrastinator. Theme Park Fan. Movie Buff.

When not writing or working, Radley indulges in her third passion of buying unnecessary cat accessories on a popular online store for her two ungrateful strays whom she has threatened to return for the last seven years.

A.E. Radley’s first published novel, Flight SQA016, was released in March 2016 and quickly became a solid favourite amongst readers.

It was Huntress, Radley’s third book, that saw her become a Lambda Literary award winner, one of the highest accolades in the LGBT writing world.

It was never a goal of Radley’s to become an author. Writing was simply a hobby to pass the time on long train commutes. Now, Radley considers herself a full-time author and is enjoying learning everything she can about the craft and business side of the publishing world.