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A Novel Journey

So, I wrote a novel. In fact, I wrote two. But those novels were based on a fanfiction story that I had never intended to publish. Imagine my surprise when I was told by my publisher that I’d written a romance novel. It’s a strange feeling to be told that you accidentally wrote a romance novel.

And now…I have the bug. Well, sort of. I like to write, I would rather write than read. Which is a strange thing for an author to say. In fact, I hardly ever read books myself. This is considered something of a sin in the industry, not to mention complete madness. Any writing guide you pick up will immediately tell you to read as much as you can. I don’t do that and I can’t see myself changing.

But I have the bug. In my own way. I like a challenge and I wish to challenge myself. I love to learn new skills and improve upon existing ones. And so, I’m going to write another novel and this time I’m going to blog about my journey.

Since being published, lots of people have asked me about my writing technique. How do I map out a story, when do I write, do I listen to music, do I use pen and paper etc etc. The truth is, I’ve never given it much thought, I just sort of do.

And, editing a fanfiction story into a novel is a different experience to writing an original piece of work.

I have a few projects on the go but, for the sake of blogging about this journey and seeing what comes out of the end of it, I’m going to put them to one side and start completely afresh. I’m going to go through the entire process from picking a genre, a storyline, investigating characters, naming characters, writing and so on.

I can’t promise that a novel will come out of the other end of this. And, if it does, I can’t promise that anyone will want to read it. But I can promise an insight into my working methods and the stumbling blocks I will no doubt come across. This blog is as much for me as it for you, whoever you may be. So, let’s see what this writing business is all about.

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